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Facial Implants


Over time, your body changes in countless ways, but one of the most drastic adjustments is the effects of aging on your face. Facial features will begin to droop, wrinkle, and crease in ways you never thought possible. A facial implant can renew your skin and impede the aging process. This procedure is a great way to enhance the structural aspects of your face to achieve the distinct shape you desire.

How it works

Typically applied to the chin and cheeks, facial implants can help fix under pronounced or underdeveloped facial features. Men often select this procedure to create a strong, pronounced chin. Women on the other hand, often prefer to accentuate their cheekbones.

Overall, facial implants are a wonderful option to create a more balanced facial structure. When adding implants to the chin, a small incision is made below the chin, and the implant is inserted. The cheek area is accessed through an incision in the mouth, leaving no visible scar. Implants vary in terms of size and shape and can be cut and trimmed to match your  facial structure exactly.  

The gold standard in facial implants is the biocompatible Medpor implant. When affixed to the bone, this implant type allows your tissue to grow into it, eventually becoming part of your facial anatomy. People won’t know you’ve had this procedure as it becomes part your natural composition!

What to expect

This surgery is always performed on an outpatient basis and is typically done under general anesthesia. Swelling of the face can take two to four weeks to subside and limited bruising can occur. Office work can resume within one week, but more strenuous activities should be delayed for about three weeks.  



Price Range: $3500 - $5000

Procedure Type: Face

Typical Age Range: 30s40s50s60s70s

Complementary Procedures: Eyelid Surgery, Nose Surgery


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