Lip Enhancement


If your lips are naturally thin or have fallen victim to the effects of aging, a lip enhancement can give you the full, vivacious lips you’ve always wanted.

How it works

A lip enhancement can include volume supplements, wrinkle improvements, or lip lifts.  Different types of injectables are used depending on the adjustment needed.

The most common filler is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an injectable filler that improves the volume of the lip. This is a noninvasive procedure that requires no anesthesia or downtime and only takes about thirty minutes. Depending on the patient, this filler gives you an intensified lip for six to twelve months.

The gold standard in lip injections is to use your own autologous fat - it’s natural and there is no risk of allergic reaction. The fat is harvested through liposuction and then injected to create a soft, full, and natural lip. This procedure only takes about an hour, while your results are long-lasting. Some patients see permanent results, while others may choose to add more volume to their lips in the future. Localized sedation is used for your comfort.

A lip lift is a procedure that shortens the distance between the lip and the nose. Using localized sedation, a small amount of skin is removed via a small incision under the nose. This is done to enhance the upper lip and to reveal more of the upper teeth. This subtle procedure creates a more youthful looking face and mouth area.

What to expect

All postoperative care will be discussed with your surgeon before your procedure. Minor swelling and bruising is normal with all soft lip enhancement procedures. You will experience some discomfort immediately following the procedure, but should be mobile and able to return to work within a day.



Price Range: $400 - $2000

Typical Age Range: 20s30s40s50s

Complementary Procedures: Botox/Dysport Injection, Other Injectables


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