Botox/Dysport Injection


Botox and Dysport treatments are revolutionary approaches to skin rejuvenation that work well for many patients. Countless men and women receive these injections to give them a naturally youthful and sustained appearance that they feel confident with. If you suffer from forehead wrinkling, scowling, crow’s feet or pronounced laugh and worry lines, Botox or Dysport injections could be the best solutions.  

How they work

A common misconception is that Botox and Dysport paralyze the muscles in your face. The truth is, these injections target muscles and limit their activity which allows wrinkles to soften and become less pronounced. The treatment is relatively painless - as the injection is made, the most you will feel is a small sting.

What to expect

It’s important for your doctor to have a complete and thorough understanding of your medical history before receiving injections. Results last for roughly three months and take a couple of days to appear. Injections might need to be made a few times every year to maintain results. Slight bruising can occur surrounding the injected area, but is uncommon. Normal activity can be resumed immediately.


Price Range: $12 per unit of botox

Procedure Type: Face

Typical Age Range: 20s30s40s50s


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