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Why Women Over 40 Should Consider Facial Cupping

You’ve heard about cupping for body aches and pains, but wait till you hear what it can do for your face. If your skin is showing signs of aging, cupping sessions can have you looking smoother, firmer, and younger. Here’s how.
Dec 1st, 2023

Consider These Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction

An ample bosom may seem desirable, but living with oversized breasts can be a real pain. Breast reduction surgery can resolve multiple issues and deliver significant perks, but don’t decide until you know all the pros and cons. 
Nov 14th, 2023

Am I Destined to Have Eye Bags if My Parents Do?

You got your mom’s nose and your dad’s chin — does that mean you’re doomed to have the same puffy pouches they have under their eyes? Here’s why under-eye bags form and what you can do about them.
Oct 1st, 2023

What Can Get Rid of My Sunspots?

Call them sunspots, liver spots, age spots, or lentigines — they’re a nuisance by any name. But you’re not stuck with them forever. When you’re ready to erase those dark blots and clear up your complexion, we have the solution.
Sep 1st, 2023

6 Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Youthful Appearance

You can wear trendy fashions, but your skin can take away from a youthful look if it is not properly maintained. Follow these straight-from-the-expert tips on how to get and keep youthful skin that doesn’t give away your age.
Aug 1st, 2023

Is There a Treatment That Can Get Rid of My Double Chin?

Some people are born with it, while others develop it due to weight gain or aging. The truth is, no one wants a double chin. If you’ve been saddled with extra fat that distorts your chin, jawline, and neck, keep reading.
Jul 1st, 2023

How LED Light Therapy Can Stimulate Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and elastin — two powerhouse proteins — keep your skin strong, supple, and stretchable. Unfortunately, you start losing them in your 20s. Replenish your supply with safe and easy LED light therapy. Here’s how.
May 1st, 2023

Are Chemical Peels Safe for My Skin?

Chemical peels have been safely resurfacing skin for centuries. Today’s chemical peels are more effective and safer than ever — but only in the hands of experienced experts. Read on to learn more.
Apr 1st, 2023

Microneedling with PRP: A Winning Combination for Your Skin

Want to remodel your aging, wrinkled, or scarred skin? Microneedling is one of the most effective treatments available. But pair it with PRP, and you get a double dose of natural healing treatments that repair your skin from within.
Mar 3rd, 2023

I Have Saggy Arms: Can You Help?

Michigan is still in the thick of winter, so it’s hard to imagine bearing your skin again. But summer’s coming, and so is your warm-weather wardrobe. Get ready by getting an arm lift now.
Feb 1st, 2023

The Role of Collagen in Your Skin

Collagen is getting a lot of press these days, and it’s headlining the ingredient lists on many popular products. But do you know what it does for your skin? Here’s what you need to know about collagen.
Jan 2nd, 2023

Give the Gift of a Tummy Tuck This Holiday Season

All I want for Christmas is my body back! If your loved one longs for a new body image but won’t treat themselves, give them the gift of a flatter tummy this year. Find out what’s involved and how to make this gift a reality.
Dec 1st, 2022

5 Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling is a safe procedure that can address several different skin issues. In this post we discuss five of the benefits of microneedling that you may not know about.
Oct 11th, 2022

If Botox® Is a Toxin — How Is It Safe?

Common sense tells you to steer clear of all things toxic. So how is Botox® — which is derived from a dangerous toxin — considered safe? Read the fascinating reasons here.
Aug 1st, 2022

I Just Had a Baby: When Can I Get a Tummy Tuck?

Your pregnancy was a wonderful journey, and childbirth was a life-changing miracle, but now — you just want your body back. Find out what you need to consider before scheduling a post-pregnancy tummy tuck.
Jun 1st, 2022

Say Goodbye to Crow's Feet and Frown Lines with Juvederm®

It finally happened — those lines and wrinkles you’ve seen on countless aging faces are now etching into your own skin. Relax. There’s an easy treatment for that. Here’s how Juvéderm® can restore your smooth complexion.
May 1st, 2022

How Can My Skin Care Regimen Help Rebuild Collagen?

These days, you hear a lot about collagen and how it’s essential for healthy and wrinkle-free skin. Here’s how your daily skin care routine can protect the collagen you have and rebuild the collagen you’ve lost.
Apr 1st, 2022

Should I Choose Botox or Dermal Fillers?

Picture-perfect skin – we all want it. Injectables are one of the best ways to shed 5-7 years off your appearance by smoothing wrinkles and restoring lost volume. Learn why 7.8 million Americans received BOTOX® and dermal filler treatments in 2021..
Feb 7th, 2022

How a Brow Lift Can Give You a Whole New Look

Is your face sending the wrong message? As your face ages, your at-rest expression changes and may be communicating all the wrong signals. Find out how a brow lift can transform your look.
Jan 1st, 2022

I Can't Rid of My Double Chin: What Treatment Can Help?

You can try the jaw jut, the tongue stretch, and tilted-head pucker-up, but these odd exercises probably won’t get rid of the fat under your chin. If you’re not ready for surgery or liposuction, it’s time to try Kybella®.
Dec 1st, 2021

5 Ways to Care for Your Skin

There’s no such thing as a fountain of youth, but there are plenty of ways to ward off the signs of aging. They all start with a sound strategy for protecting and nourishing your skin. Here are the five essentials of skin care.
Nov 1st, 2021

Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction

If you have large breasts, you know the frustrations of finding bras and tops that fit while also dealing with stares and stigmas. But did you know that there are some legitimate medical reasons to reduce your breasts? Learn more here.
Sep 1st, 2021

3 Reasons Why We Love Juvederm®

You have a lot of options when it comes to improving your looks, and sometimes it can be hard to decide which treatment is best for you. Here’s why Juvéderm® is one of the most popular treatments and why we recommend it.
Aug 3rd, 2021

Complications of Heavy Breasts

Voluptuous breasts have been a sign of beauty throughout history, but for the well-endowed women who bear the burden, the experience may be anything but beautiful. Learn the physical cost of heavy breasts and what you can do about it.
Jul 11th, 2021

Bothered by Scars? Consider Laser Therapy

Scars have a reputation for being permanent, but they don’t necessarily have to stay with you forever. Here’s how laser therapy may help to minimize or remove some of those bothersome scars.
Jun 15th, 2021

6 Benefits of a Brow Lift

Have you been looking in the mirror and not enjoying your brows? If you’re thinking about getting a brow lift, here’s what you need to know about how it works and some of the benefits that you can expect after the procedure.
May 3rd, 2021

When to Consider Facial Fillers

Facial fillers can help to improve and enhance a youthful complexion and firmer-looking skin. If you’re considering facial fillers, here’s what you should know about your options and how they work.
Apr 1st, 2021

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

A larger cup size is just one of several things that breast augmentation can provide. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of breast augmentation surgery and if you are an optimal candidate.
Mar 2nd, 2021

What to Expect With a Face-lift?

Face-lift procedures and techniques have evolved over the last few decades, and there are several options available to achieve your desired results. If you’re considering a face-lift, here’s what you can expect during and after your procedure.
Feb 1st, 2021

How to Know if Laser Treatments Are Right for You

Laser treatments are used in several cosmetic procedures, from targeting fine lines to tattoo removal. Here’s what you need to know about cosmetic laser treatments and whether they’re right for you.
Dec 1st, 2020

Can a Tummy Tuck Really Make My Stomach Look Flat?

A tummy tuck isn’t a magical procedure, but it can help you achieve the results you want when diet and exercise alone are not enough. Here’s what you need to know to decide if a tummy tuck is right for you.
Nov 5th, 2020

Why Experience Counts When It Comes to Botox®

Botox® injections have become so common that it seems like they’re available everywhere. But even simple cosmetic procedures should always be applied by an experienced aesthetician or plastic surgeon. Here’s what to look for when considering Botox®.
Oct 18th, 2020

Myths and Facts About Breast Augmentation

Separating fact from fiction is one of the most important steps when considering breast augmentation surgery. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision and avoid misinformation about the procedure.
Sep 15th, 2020

Why Skin Care is More Than Cosmetic

Everyone wants beautiful, youthful-looking skin at any age. As the body’s largest organ, there’s more to healthy skin and a beautiful complexion than cosmetics. Here’s what you need to know about good skin care — inside and out.
Aug 20th, 2020

Brow Lift Versus Face Lift: Which is Right for You?

The first step in improving your appearance and taking years off your face is to choose the cosmetic procedure that will work best for you. Here’s what you need to know when trying to decide between a brow lift and facelift.
Jul 1st, 2020

Bring Back a More Youthful Silhouette With a Breast Lift

Even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the aging process can affect the size, shape, and appearance of your breasts. Here’s what you need to know about a breast lift procedure.
May 14th, 2020

Tummy Tuck Your Way to a Flatter Stomach Before Summer

Diet and exercise alone are often not enough to get rid of excess belly fat. A tummy tuck can pick up where diet and exercise leave off for a flatter, summer-ready stomach. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary procedure.
Apr 17th, 2020

Wave Goodbye to Flabby Arms With an Arm Lift

Sometimes even diet and exercise are not enough to get toned and well-sculpted arms. Don’t lose hope. Here is what you need to know if you’re considering an arm lift.
Feb 1st, 2020

Will I Experience Any Discomfort During Microneedling?

Microneedling is the latest way to get a glowing, healthy complexion. The procedure, however, involves controlled injury — so you may wonder, does it hurt? Read on to learn how painless the whole procedure can be.
Nov 1st, 2019

How Does Tattoo Removal Actually Work?

Have you had a change of heart about a decision you fear you can’t undo? Find out how tattoo removal can help you erase a not-so-permanent choice.
Oct 1st, 2019

Turn Back the Clock on Wrinkled Skin With Laser Resurfacing

Harnessing the power of laser light energy has fueled innovations in the medical field for decades. Certain laser types are ideal for renewing and revitalizing the skin of your face, reducing or removing the appearance of wrinkles and other flaws.
Sep 1st, 2019