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The Truth Behind 6 Common Face Lift Myths

Myth #1: There Are Many Different Types Of Face Lifts.

While many people seem to believe this, there are actually only two types of face lifts. The first reestablishes the planes of the mid, lower face and neck. The second, and more typical for younger patients, tightens the neck and jawline. In no way is a non-surgical face lift, which can be advertised as a face lift, ever going to achieve what a surgical face lift can. A true face lift results in a natural looking, dramatic improvement of your overall facial appearance.

Myth #2: The Skin Of The Face Is Tightened

When someone's facial skin appears to be pulled tight it’s a dead giveaway that they have had a facelift. The face lifts of today address the deeper levels of the face, including the fascia and muscle of the face and neck. Structures of the face that have fallen, like cheeks, are lifted. The neck angle is tightened and the jowls and jaw line are sharpened. The overlying skin is then carefully re-draped without tension.   

Myth #3: It’s Typical To Wait Until You're “Older” To Have A Face Lift.

If you like the idea of aging gracefully, considering a facelift at an earlier age might appeal to you. When done earlier, the surgery is less involved and the recovery is quicker. The results are very natural and long lasting.

Myth #4: It’s Best To have A Face Lift Without Additional Procedures.

Performing additional procedures while undergoing a face lift might seem intimidating, but it's very common and safe. It's a good way to reduce recovery into a one-time period, as well as allowing the surgeon to create more facial harmony.  

Myth #5: Having A Face Lift Doesn’t Improve Overall Health.

After a facelift you appear refreshed and rested! The psychological aspects of this treatment improve one’s health. A Mayo Clinic study demonstrated that women who have had face lifts live 10 years longer than those who did not.

Myth #6: A Face Lift Needs To Be Redone Every 5 Years.

When the deep structures of the face are repositioned, a face lift lasts. After undergoing facial surgery, the tendency is to take better care of yourself, this includes ceasing smoking, limiting sun exposure, and even eating better. All things considered, a good facelift can last upwards of 15 years.

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