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Tummy Tuck

Rick J. Smith, MD

Plastic Surgery located in East Lansing, MI

Your stomach can start to protrude or sag as you get older, especially if you’ve had children, and a soft tummy is a common phenomenon of middle age. If you want to lose your podgy belly, a tummy tuck is one of the most effective ways to regain your youthful shape, and Rick J. Smith, MD, can help at his clinic in East Lansing, Michigan. Dr. Smith and his team have extensive expertise in carrying out tummy tuck operations to restore the shapely contours of your midsection. To learn more, call the clinic or schedule an appointment online today.

Tummy Tuck Q & A

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure called abdominoplasty, which removes fatty tissues and excess skin on your abdomen. The underlying muscles tighten as a result, making your abdomen flatter and the skin tauter. Liposuction is used to refine the appearance of your tummy even further and achieve a natural, smooth result.

When is a tummy tuck an appropriate treatment option?

A tummy tuck isn’t a substitute for eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, so it isn’t appropriate for patients who have difficulties managing a healthy lifestyle. However, a tummy tuck is an effective solution to the problem of removing stubborn areas of fat that are hard to shift. Many people who are well-proportioned in other areas of their body have excess fat on their belly or loose, sagging skin.

Reasons for this include:

  • Loss of collagen fibers due to aging
  • Inherited tendencies
  • The result of carrying a baby
  • Losing a significant amount of weight

A tummy tuck is an effective way of removing unsightly skin and fat, giving you a flatter stomach that helps you feel more confident and happier with the way you look.

How is a tummy tuck performed?

The team at Rick J. Smith, MD, have considerable experience in preparing patients for surgical procedures and keeping them comfortable throughout the experience. The surgery takes between two and four hours on average, and you’ll be under general anesthetic.

Once you’re safely unconscious, Dr. Smith makes an incision in the lower part of your abdomen, where your tummy area meets your pubic hairline. He takes out any excess fat and ensures all the underlying muscles are in good condition, making repairs when necessary. He puts the skin back and trims away any excess, resting your belly button to the center of your tummy if required, then stitches the wound.

You’re taken to a recovery area and supervised while you come around from the operation, then once you’re fully conscious you’re allowed to return home with instructions on how to care for the wound. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle plan to ensure your stomach remains flat.

How soon will I see the results of my tummy tuck?

You’ll notice the difference immediately after you recover from the anesthetic, but you’ll have some bruising and swelling in the area for a few days that masks the final result. After two to three months, the post-operative effects should have worn off, and you’ll be able to see the finished result.

To find out more about the benefits of tummy tuck surgery, call Rick J. Smith, MD, or schedule an appointment online today.