Unhappy With Your Body After Baby? Consider a Tummy Tuck

Having a baby is an exciting moment. What’s not exciting, however, is the loose, extra skin that remains after childbirth. Luckily, there’s an effective solution for removing it — a tummy tuck. 

Rick J. Smith, MD, and his expert team specialize in tummy tucks, and they welcome all patients in East Lansing, Michigan and surrounding areas. 

How tummy skin changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, your skin is constantly stretching as your baby grows. This affects the elastin in your skin, which is responsible for keeping it firm and flexible. 

Poor elasticity makes it harder for your skin to return to that pre-baby shape. As your skin’s elasticity changes, stretch marks can also appear.

Close to 90% of women have stretch marks during pregnancy. Although stretch marks fade over time, you’re still left with loose, saggy skin. Dr. Smith can tighten your skin with a tummy tuck and even remove stretch marks below your belly button. 

Tummy tucks target stubborn fat

Excess fat after childbirth is stubborn and can be hard to get rid of.  While exercise can help, everyone’s body is different; your age and metabolism play a part in weight loss. 

A tummy tuck can target your baby fat and loose skin much more quickly. And you don’t get frustrated wondering why tireless hours at the gym aren’t paying off. 

You should never replace a healthy diet and exercise with a tummy tuck. It’s best for patients who can’t remove stubborn fatty tissue and have sagging skin that isn’t going away. 

How tummy tucks work

Tummy tucks remove extra fat tissue and loose skin. Your underlying connective tissue, called fascia, tightens as a result. This makes your stomach flat and gives it a more toned, youthful look. 

Dr. Smith places you under general anesthesia before the procedure so you don’t feel a thing. It takes him about three to four hours to fully complete your tummy tuck. Our office gives you aftercare instructions, but you can always contact Dr. Smith if you have any concerns.

See instant results with a tummy tuck

One of the great things about a tummy tuck is you see results immediately after your procedure, along with some bruising, which is common. You should opt to maintain a healthy lifestyle once you heal to ensure long-lasting results.

To learn more about how a tummy tuck can help your body after a baby, use our online booking tool to schedule your appointment at Rick J. Smith, MD, or call our office at 517-225-2297.

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