Should I Choose Botox or Dermal Fillers?

Should I Choose Botox or Dermal Fillers?

Picture-perfect skin – we all want it. You’ve probably bought many products and undergone treatments to smooth away imperfections. Women in their 30s and 40s are most concerned with fine lines and wrinkles.

Are you concerned about improving wrinkles or another skin concern? Injectables, like BOTOX® and dermal fillers, are one of the best ways to improve aging skin.

If you’ve never done injectables before, you might not know where to start. At Rick J. Smith, MD, located in East Lansing, Michigan, we’re here to explain the difference between BOTOX and dermal fillers. 

How the skin ages

Age changes us in many ways. As the natural aging process takes place, you might notice your metabolism slowing down, as well as changes in your complexion. The outer layer of your skin, the epidermis, thins, and your face’s pigment-containing cells decrease.

Like a majority of aging men and women, you might notice:

Everyone ages differently at various speeds. Factors like unprotected sun exposure, gravity, genetics, and lifestyle all contribute to changes in your skin.

Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles with BOTOX

You might have thought BOTOX was just for celebrities in the past. Now it’s become one of the most popular treatments in the world, with over 4.4 million Americans receiving treatment in 2021.

Do you see wrinkles every time you look in the mirror? Are you ready to say goodbye to pesky fine lines? If you answered yes, BOTOX may be a great option to meet your skin goals.

What it helps

Derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, BOTOX is a toxin that safely stops wrinkle-forming muscles from contracting. In a series of injections, your injector will administer BOTOX into facial wrinkles in minutes. You’ll still have a wide range of motion but will notice dramatically smoother, more youthful skin with results that last for 3-4 months.

BOTOX can be used to correct wrinkles in areas like:

 While you enjoy your beautifully smoother skin, you’ll also notice makeup glides on easier for a more flawless look. BOTOX is incredibly safe when performed by a skilled injector and requires no downtime. 

Regain lost volume with dermal fillers

When you are young, your face has a healthy amount of subcutaneous fat and has a shape similar to a supple grape. Subcutaneous fat is the key to a youthful appearance.

As the years go by, the subcutaneous fat naturally declines, and your skin thins, causing under-eye hollows, thin temples, and drooping cheeks. Many of us notice that our face no longer looks like a grape, but more like a raisin. Dermal fillers are used to restore volume in areas that are most susceptible to aging.

What they help

Fillers are a common procedure, with 3.4 million procedures occurring in 2021. With results lasting for 6 months to a year, fillers are a great minimally invasive way to get a youthful look without undergoing surgery. 

Dermal fillers improve fullness in areas like:

Composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your body, dermal fillers are injected into the creases and troughs of your complexion to provide a more supple appearance. Aside from restoring lost volume, dermal fillers can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars, correct facial asymmetry, plump your lips, and contour your face.

The bottom line

Everyone faces aging differently. While some are not bothered by the natural changes, you may opt for injectables to get a natural, younger-looking you.

BOTOX whisks away wrinkles and fine lines, while fillers restore lost volume and improve your facial contours. Deciding to undergo injectables is a completely personal decision and should only be done for you. The best way to decide if you should undergo BOTOX, fillers, or a combination of both is by coming into our office.

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