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Will I Experience Any Discomfort During Microneedling?

Just the name of the skin procedure, “microneedling,” sounds painful. The effective skin-transforming procedure offered here at Rick J. Smith, MD uses a pen equipped with dozens of tiny needles to poke holes in your skin that trigger your natural wound-healing process.

While the word microneedling might sound daunting, most people find the procedure quite tolerable. And, the team at Rick J. Smith, MD does everything possible to ensure you’re comfortable.

What’s the big deal about microneedling?

Microneedling injures your skin, but just a little, to make it healthier, stronger, and smoother in the long run. The hundreds of tiny holes create channels that your body desperately wants to heal. So it sends blood, nutrients, and healing compounds to the area to boost collagen and elastin levels and encourage cell turnover.

In just a few days following microneedling, you’ll notice a definite glow and radiance to your skin. The results continue to optimize for several weeks, as your skin heals, collagen develops, and cells regenerate.*

Why would I consider microneedling?

If you have acne scars, mild to moderate wrinkling, uneven texture, or a dull skin tone, microneedling is way to smooth and brighten your look. Most people benefit from multiple sessions scheduled several weeks apart. Discuss a custom treatment plan with the providers here at Rick J. Smith, MD  to determine how you can achieve your aesthetic goals. Call the office today or book right here on this website.

Does microneedling cause pain?

The pen moves quickly along your face, so just as you start to notice a pricking sensation, your aesthetician moves on to another spot.

The team at Rick J. Smith, MD understands that tiny needles rolling over your skin can be uncomfortable. A layer of topical numbing cream is applied to all treatment areas prior to the procedure.  This cream helps to mitigate any discomfort. 

Certain areas of your face may be more sensitive than others. Often the forehead and chin experience more sensation, but everyone’s different.

What about recovery?

Recovery from microneedling is relatively brief, especially when compared to more invasive procedures. Immediately afterward you may have some redness and swelling, just as if you’ve experienced a sunburn. Some light bruising is also possible. You might want to lie low the day of the procedure.

In the next day or two, this redness fades and a radiant glow appears. Another bonus: Your skin is extra responsive to moisturizers, gels, and serums in the days immediately following your microneedling session.

The team at Rick J. Smith, MD is here to answer all your microneedling and skin care questions. Just call the office or request an appointment online— we’re happy to help!

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