Is There a Treatment That Can Get Rid of My Double Chin?

Is There a Treatment That Can Get Rid of My Double Chin?

They call it a double chin, but what it really is is extra fat that’s settled below your chin and jawbone. Medical professionals call it submental fat. 

If this describes your profile, you can blame genetics, aging, weight gain, or even posture. But, regardless of the culprit, your goal is to eliminate it, and we can help.

Rick J. Smith, MD, and our team in East Lansing, Michigan, offer several treatment options to reduce the appearance of your double chin and restore a more youthful look. Here’s what you need to know about your double chin. 

The skinny on submental fat

When you hear the term “submental fat,” you may assume that a double chin stems from being overweight or obese. In some cases, that’s true, but you don’t have to struggle with your weight to have a double chin.

Genetics dictate where your body stores fat, and some families carry it under their chins. So, even skinny people can have double chins. 

Your family traits also come into play if your genes have given you a small chin or a slender jawbone. If your facial structure is slim and delicate, your submental fat may appear more pronounced. 

Weak neck muscles also accentuate the appearance of a double chin, which is why older folks tend to develop them. Aging leads to muscle and skin laxity, so you may notice these changes as the years pass.

Finally, double chins can result from poor posture. If your shoulders and head slump forward — think about how you sit in front of a computer — your spine becomes misaligned, and your unnatural position pushes fat forward under your chin. Poor posture also weakens your neck muscles, adding to the problem.

Treatments that can reduce your double chin

You can try targeted exercises to strengthen your neck muscles. Losing weight may help if that’s the sole cause, but double chins are often tough to lose, and that’s where our treatments come in. 


You might think of a facelift as an all-over surgical procedure that tightens your entire face, and it certainly can be. But it’s also a great option for treating your double chin. 

During a facelift, Dr. Smith lifts and tightens the skin around your chin and neck to reduce excess fat and improve contours. Whether you need a tiny tuck under your chin to tighten lax tissues or an implant to bolster your profile, you reap the benefits of Dr. Smith’s precise skills and years of experience. 


If fat accumulation is the main culprit, Dr. Smith may recommend liposuction — a minimally invasive procedure used to remove excess fat from under your chin area. 

Unlike a facelift, you may only need IV sedation for liposuction, and you can expect a shorter recovery time.


Kybella is an injectable treatment that uses deoxycholic acid to dissolve fat cells under your chin. Most people require multiple sessions spaced at least one month apart to achieve their desired results, and nurse injectors Lisa Allen, RN or Nicole Borek, RN can let you know how many to expect during your consultation. 

Although you may have some minor swelling and bruising immediately after your treatment, they subside within a few days. The FDA has approved Kybella as a safe and effective treatment for reducing the appearance of a double chin with minimal downtime and discomfort.

If your double chin bothers you, talk to Dr. Smith. Request an appointment online with Lisa Allen, RN or Nicole Borek, RN or call the office of Rick J. Smith, MD, at 517-225-2051. 

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