How a Brow Lift Can Give You a Whole New Look

How a Brow Lift Can Give You a Whole New Look

Your at-rest facial expression speaks volumes even when you’re silent. It may be giving away your secrets by revealing your age or misrepresenting it. As your brows and forehead lose their ability to resist wrinkles, and the skin begins to droop downward, you might appear angry, tired, or disinterested.

A brow lift can fix all that.

If your face is giving the wrong impression, we invite you to come see us at Rick J. Smith, MD, in East Lansing, Michigan. Dr. Smith is our board-certified plastic surgeon, boasting nearly three decades of experience performing safe, effective, and transformative procedures that have earned him a stellar reputation. Here, he takes a closer look at brow lifts and how they can change your look. 

How a brow lift works

Over time, your skin loses the fat layer just beneath the surface and also loses two essential proteins — collagen and elastin — that once gave your skin its structure and resilience. Without these foundational elements, your skin thins and succumbs to gravity, gradually sagging and drooping.

That forms jowls at your jawline, sunken cheeks, wrinkles, and hooded eyes. Of these consequences, the latter is the one that changes your expression so radically.

A brow lift reverses the effects of aging by repositioning your skin and re-anchoring it. While you’re under general anesthesia or sedated, Dr. Smith makes a series of very small incisions that will be hidden in your hairline. Through these incisions, he can remove excess skin and pull your tissues upward. He uses sutures to re-attach your skin so that it stays taut and supported after it heals.

How a brow lift gives you a whole new look

Every face is different, but the results of a brow lift give everyone a new look. Here are some of the noticeable changes you’ll see.

Younger-looking skin

After your brow lift, the deep lines in your forehead will disappear, along with any wrinkles that occur when you frown or grimace. Horizontal lines, vertical lines, and crisscrossed nose-bridge lines will all go away.

More alert eyes

Droopy brows hang over your eyes, giving you a perpetually tired look. Some people may mistake the look for indifference, lack of respect, or laziness.

A brow lift restores your eyes to a more open position that looks rested and alert. We can even tighten the outside corners where crow’s feet form. After a brow lift, your eyes will be the focus of your face for all the right reasons.

Friendlier expression

If your sagging brow line gives the impression that you’re angry or upset, you may come off as unapproachable. A brow lift reverts your expression back to neutral.

Boosted confidence

When you’re dissatisfied with the way you look, it affects your mood, your relationships, your diet, and your mental health. Studies show that low self-esteem is directly linked to depression and anxiety. By helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, a brow lift can boost your self-esteem and not only give you a new look, but a new outlook as well. 

To find out if you’re a good candidate for a brow lift, schedule a consultation at Rick J. Smith, MD, today. Simply call our office or book your appointment online. 

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