Give the Gift of a Tummy Tuck This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of a Tummy Tuck This Holiday Season

Plastic surgery is a splurge that some people only dream about. Although they want nothing more than to refine and reshape their looks, many put it off, finding excuses not to treat themselves to a tighter, slimmer body and a more appealing profile. 

This holiday season, you can make your loved one’s dreams come true with the gift of plastic surgery. One of our most popular gifts at Rick J. Smith, MD, is the tummy tuck, a procedure that removes excess skin and fat and tightens underlying muscles. Here’s a closer look at what the procedure entails and a few tips on how to approach this unique gift idea.

How to give the gift of a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck dramatically changes the appearance of the abdomen and waistline, which is why nearly 120,000 women and men a year opt for this procedure. Giving the gift of a tummy tuck can boost your loved one’s confidence or tank it, depending on their wishes and your motivation. Here are some tips to avoid a gift-giving disaster.

1. Make sure they want a tummy tuck

If your loved one goes on and on about how much they want a tummy tuck, you can give them the gift of this procedure without fear. However, if they’ve never mentioned it, you may inadvertently insult them and send the message that you see a flaw that needs fixing.

2. Check your motivation

This tip goes hand in hand with the first: Check your motivation. The gift of a tummy tuck can be wonderful if it’s what they want, but if it’s only what you want, rethink your gift-giving strategy.

3. Don’t schedule the tummy tuck

Once you’re certain the gift will be well-received, wrap up the promise of a consultation and financial support, but don’t schedule the procedure. Plastic surgery requires many personal decisions that are best decided upon in a private conversation between the doctor and the patient. Your gift opens the door and allows your loved one to explore options.

4. Do your research

While you should never choose a surgeon for someone else, you can help them narrow the field by doing some preliminary research. If you live in or near East Lansing, Michigan, Dr. Rick J. Smith should top your list. He’s board-certified and has nearly three decades of experience skillfully adjusting physical features to help our patients feel more comfortable in their own skin and more like themselves. Always check reviews and talk to other patients for an unbiased assessment of your surgeon. 

What does a tummy tuck entail?

Before giving the gift of a tummy tuck, it’s best to know exactly what you’re giving. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure called abdominoplasty. It involves the removal of excess skin and fat and the relocation of lax muscle tissue. Dr. Smith makes an incision just above the pubic bone, strategically positioning it so the resulting scar will be inconspicuous.

The procedure takes 2-4 hours under general anesthesia. You can drive your loved one home later that day, but they can expect some bruising, swelling, and discomfort for one to two weeks after surgery.

The inflammation and discoloration subside completely in about 2-3 months, revealing the final results. So, plan accordingly if your loved one has a special event in mind to show off their slimmer and tighter tummy.

A tummy tuck eliminates excess fat but isn’t considered a weight-loss treatment. It’s best for people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have sagging skin that won’t snap back, loose skin due to age-related collagen loss, and post-partum belly fat and laxity. 

Learn more about Rick J. Smith, MD, tummy tucks, and all our surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Contact us by phone or online to arrange the best gift ever! 

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