Consider These Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction

Consider These Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction

Large breasts symbolize femininity and beauty, which explains why breast augmentation consistently ranks among the top treatments on the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ cosmetic surgical procedures list

However, oversized breasts aren’t always a positive. Pain, poor posture, and skin problems drive many women to seek breast reduction surgery. And those women in East Lansing, Michigan, trust Rick J. Smith, MD, to deliver the safe and effective results they want. 

Dr. Smith is passionate about getting your plastic surgery right, and his skill and expertise ensure an excellent outcome. But he doesn’t work alone — Dr. Smith includes you in every decision and fully engages you in your treatment plan. To help, he has compiled this list of pros and cons so you can feel confident and informed when you choose breast reduction surgery. 

The benefits of breast reduction surgery

You have plenty to gain when you lose excess breast tissue. Here are some of the perks.

Healthier skin

Large breasts hang and rub against your ribs, creating rashes and sores. A primary benefit of breast reduction surgery is healthier skin. Smaller breasts can significantly reduce or eliminate the problems of constant skin-to-skin contact, sweat, and friction.

Improved mobility

Large breasts can hinder some physical activities, making it difficult to exercise. Running, calisthenics, and yoga can be tricky and painful with large breasts. After breast reduction surgery, most women report more freedom and better mobility, allowing them to participate in physical activities they might have previously avoided.

Better-fitting clothes

Another advantage of a breast reduction is your expanded wardrobe options. Your clothes will fit better — no more gapping and puckering at the chest. 

Pain relief

Oversized breasts can hurt. The excess weight affects your neck, back, and shoulders, causing muscle pain, posture problems, and deep bra-strap indentations. Breast reduction surgery can alleviate these symptoms by reducing the weight carried on your chest.

Improved proportions

Large breasts can make you look top-heavy and out of balance. Breast reduction surgery balances your body proportions, enhancing your overall bodily aesthetics and self-esteem.

Potential downsides of breast reduction surgery

Despite the many positives of breast reduction surgery, it takes thoughtful consideration. Dr. Smith discusses the possible side effects and risks associated with the procedure before recommending it. Here are some things to consider before deciding on breast reduction surgery:

Recovery time

The recovery time for breast reduction surgery typically ranges from 2-4 weeks, so you’ll need to take time off work and limit your physical activity.  Most women return to work within 1-2 weeks depending on their profession.


While Dr. Smith is a master at breast reduction surgery, scarring is still a potential downside.. Over time, they fade and become less noticeable.

Reduced sensation

Some women may experience changes in breast sensation after the surgery, specifically reduced nipple sensation. In most cases, this change is temporary.


If not covered by insurance, the cost of breast reduction surgery can be a deterrent, so discuss this with Dr. Smith and our team to better understand the potential financial commitment.

If you’re considering a breast reduction, request an appointment online or schedule a consultation by calling our friendly staff at Rick J. Smith, MD, in East Lansing, Michigan.

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