Why Women Over 40 Should Consider Facial Cupping

Aging is an honor; each passing year adds wisdom, experience, and grace. But let’s face it — as you pass 40, you begin noticing changes in your skin that are less desirable than wisdom and grace. 

If you’re like many women, you’d like to curb those natural complexion complaints without going under the knife. 

At Rick J. Smith, MD, located in East Lansing, Michigan, we offer a comprehensive lineup of surgical procedures to restore a more youthful face and body. But we also offer multiple treatments that require no scalpels or downtime. From top-of-the-line skin care products to microneedling, facials, and chemical peels, we can have you looking younger in no time.

Facial cupping is a lesser-known but highly effective treatment for people with emerging wrinkles and lines. Here, we explain how facial cupping works and who can benefit from it.

Why does skin wrinkle as it ages?

Over time, everyone’s skin’s elasticity decreases, wrinkles become more pronounced, and dullness sets in. Although genetics, skin care routines, lifestyle choices, and the environment factor in, most of these changes are primarily due to the loss of collagen, fat, and elastin — three components that keep our skin plump, firm, and radiant. 

There are several ways to counter these unwanted changes and rejuvenate your skin. We can provide several innovative approaches at Rick J. Smith, MD. However, facial cupping is a unique method few people know about, so we’re highlighting it here.

What is facial cupping?

Facial cupping is an ancient therapy that has been adapted from body cupping. While body cupping relieves muscle tension, facial cupping rejuvenates your skin and restores its youthful glow. 

During your facial cupping session, we move small suction cups in a specific pattern across your face. The gentle suction stimulates blood and lymph circulation and separates your tissue layers. These tiny traumas trigger a rush of white blood cells to the scene to begin the healing response in your skin.

Your wrinkled, saggy skin gets a boost of youthful nutrients that strengthen the underlying tissues and give you a fresh look.

The benefits of facial cupping

The best part about facial cupping is the multifaceted benefits. 

First, it increases oxygen-rich blood circulation and revitalizes your skin.

Second, it strengthens your skin and connective tissues, reducing sagging and making your skin firmer and tighter. 

Third, facial cupping stimulates collagen production, the protein that keeps your skin plump and youthful.

These effects translate into visible benefits, including the following: 

Facial cupping can even improve your skin’s nutrient absorption, ensuring it gets all the nourishment it needs from skin care products to stay healthy and vibrant. 

Will facial cupping cause bruising?

Some patients have asked whether facial cupping will cause bruising. Rest assured, it won’t. Unlike body cupping, which can cause temporary bruising due to the stronger suction, facial cupping uses a milder suction that doesn’t break blood vessels or cause discoloration. 

However, everyone’s skin response varies, and you may have some mild redness immediately after your treatment. It typically subsides within a few hours.

How to ensure successful facial cupping

Facial cupping may seem simple, and even home kits are available, but we don’t recommend that route. A certified specialist like Kathy Kuehne, LE, at Rick J. Smith, MD, should always perform facial cupping. 

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Smith has extensive knowledge of your facial anatomy, including the nerves and sensitive tissues. Under his care, you know you’re getting expert medical care — not just an aesthetic treatment.

We can assess your skin’s condition and needs, explain the procedure, guide you through your skin care journey, and tailor your treatment to your specific needs and concerns.

Facial cupping offers a noninvasive and natural way to rejuvenate your skin, counter the signs of aging, and promote overall skin health. To schedule a facial cupping appointment at Rick J. Smith, MD, call us in East Lansing, Michigan, or request an appointment using our online booking tool.

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